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    How to Keep a Cat Away from a Christmas Tree

    It’s Christmas time, a time of joy and a time of giving. But along with the holiday cheer comes the holiday stress of having all of the presents bought, wrapped and tucked under the tree. Let’s not forget that someone has to decorate that Christmas tree to make it look absolutely perfect. But once all that is taken care, there isn’t much to worry about. Unless you are the proud owner of a precious kitty…then you’ve got to worry about how to keep a cat away from a Christmas tree.

    Why are cats obsessed with Christmas trees?

    How to Keep a Cat Away from a Christmas TreeHave you ever heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat?” Now imagine your cat’s average day where they walk around the house, eat the food you serve them and then all of their naps. Sounds pretty boring, right?

    Now imagine, one day, their owners bring home this giant tree and decorate it with fancy balls and flashing lights. This, to them, is the cat tower of all cat towers, and you can bet that they’re going to want to explore it.

    First, they may decide to step and climb on some presents because they love boxes and just standing on random things. But their attention will soon shift to the decorations and ornaments (which are essentially shiny balls to them) that they’re new owners bought and mounted on their tree. The first ornament might not come crashing down, but the second probably will.

    Next are the lights! Oh, and they’ve got wires that look like strings too! Maybe they’ll give them a little nibble or maybe they’ll give them a few nibbles until the lights go out.

    And lastly, their new Christmas tree, that looks like a new cat tower, is the perfect place for them to jump into to play or just hang around. After all, that’s what cat towers are for, right?

    So how do you keep them away?

    How to keep a cat away from the Christmas tree

    If you’ve watched the Mythbusters episode on the Discovery Channel, you would have seen that there are no visual or scented deterrents that work on cats. Not even the scent of a large lion’s excrement can deter a cat from where it wants to go. So what is a human to do?

    Insert: the training mat

    The pet training mat is a motion sensing mat that detects when a cat, or any other pet, steps on it and it emits a harmless & safe electric signal that the cat senses. How safe is it? The machine was designed to provide an extremely low amount of voltage that is considered safe by veterinarians so your cat will never be harmed, but rather, it will be deterred.

    After stepping on the mat once or twice, the cat will associate the Christmas tree with that feeling, and it will no longer find it desirable.

    Watch the video below to see the mat in action:

    Are there any other uses for this mat?

    While protecting your Christmas tree may be your current priority, there are many great uses for the training mat.

    The most popular reason for people coming to our website to buy this mat is because they want to get their cats to stop jumping on their counters. This is very important for, both, the cat’s safety and human health.

    The reason why its not safe for the cat to jump on the counter is because they do not know what a stove top is and think its just a normal piece of the counter. If the stove top was recently used or still hot, this can lead to your cat getting severely burned and result in high vet costs.

    The reason why cats being on the counter negatively impacts human health is because cats carry many forms of bacteria and parasites like toxoplasmosis. They can get these while being outside and through every day use in their litter box. When a cat jumps on the very same counter or table where humans prepare or consume their foods, these parasites are then consumed by those people.

    Where can I get one?

    If you’re interest in getting a real Christmas tree cat repellent, then the pet training mat is the right product for you. We currently have three different sizes to choose from that will fit any of your needs:

    • 60×12 inches (152.4×30.4cm)
    • 30×16 inches (76.2×40.6cm)
    • 48×20 inches (122×50.8cm)

    Depending on the size and location of your pine tree, you may have to purchase more than one in order to properly protect it. Luckily, we are offering a 10% when you order 2 or more training mats.

    To make your purchase, you can visit the following link or click the button below.


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